Angie Westfall

Angie Westfall

Nutrition Coach

Climbed the rope to the top-once. :)


B.A Secondary Education (English (5-12) and Library Media (preK-adult); M.Ed (reading specialization), Technology Integration Specialist (TIS), and now....Nutrition Coach!

About Coach

36-24-36 are not and will not be my measurements, and that is my life. Health and beauty come in various forms. I have always enjoyed exercise, but I could not exercise enough to get the results I wanted. If I could walk miles and miles and eat whatever I wanted, my life would be so much easier. However, I truly understand nutrition has to be at the core. Better food choices get better workout results. I feel better, and I am eating a lot of food. My value does not come from a pants size or number on a scale. Yes, this has been a journey.

Turning Point

Ever fall down or wreck a bike? Did someone give you a cookie or ice cream? Feel better? Yep, me too. The cycle starts early. Do I eat to fuel my body or just eat? Food is life. Life is full of emotions. I am an emotional/stress eater. The last year has truly given me time to reflect on what I want, and how I will accomplish my goals. Through this program, I am being more conscientious about how I replenish my body. I know there will always be some reason to eat poorly, feel bad about what I ate, and then have another ice cream. By the time I get to the half-century mark, I will have the cake and ice cream without the guilt. I know my "triggers" and how to plan meals.

Motivation & Passion

Why coach? The yo-yo dieting had to stop. I have tried a few "diets" in my time. I have "misplaced" the extra weight, but I would end up finding it- and more. Now, I have a new lifestyle. I am not the only person who has been on this diet cycle, and I want to help others find a lifestyle that allows them to eat real food. Let's eat the veggies, stay hydrated, exercise, and have the cake and ice cream. Life needs balance. If we don't take the time to evaluate our health needs, our bodies certainly will let us know!

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