Mae Carpenter

Mae Carpenter

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

I am proud of doing my first toes to bars within last 6 months.


Certified Fitness Coach

Certified Nutrition Coach



About Coach

I played basketball and ran track in school from 6th grade through high school. I attended weight lifting sessions in my first year in college. In middle school, I broke the hundred-meter dash school record. My name and record time were on the gym wall for many years even after I graduated high school. As someone who has always been involved in sports and outdoor activities all my life, it just seemed fitting to focus on getting myself back into better mental and physical condition. After attending the gym for three years, I decided to become a fitness and nutrition coach so I could help others to work on their personal accomplishments. Being a middle-aged woman, I have had some health concerns and the lack of exercise before joining my gym contributed to my health issues. After joining my gym, I have realized how important exercising regularly and eating healthier has transformed my life into a better healthier life. After seeing how unhealthy some of my friends are and seeing them struggle with simple daily tasks, motivates me to continue my path to enjoying my healthier lifestyle.

Turning Point

The enemy that focused on me to become a healthier and more active person was my self-esteem. When I wasn't attending the gym, I felt sluggish, non-motivated, and tired all the time. I didn't feel good about how I looked even though I have never been a large person. Even attempting simple everyday tasks like walking long distances, maintaining my home, and spending time with my family would wear me out. I used to take naps every evening after working all day. Once I began to attend the gym, I felt more refreshed and relaxed after every workout. I slept better at night and didn't require taking my evening naps. I began to lose some weight and my body became more toned due to exercising regularly and eating healthier. I felt like a completely changed person after attending my gym on a regular basis. After attending the gym for three years, I felt like I wanted to help people accomplish the same challenges I had in my journey. The only way I could think to help other people was to become a fitness and nutrition coach. By becoming a fitness and nutrition coach, I could help people change their lives with proper fitness training and helping them use healthy eating habits. My family has encouraged my journey and their support has motivated me to help more and more people with their struggles of being inactive and unhealthy.

Motivation & Passion

Fitness and healthy eating habits have become my passion. I plan to strive to help as many people as I can that are struggling with being overweight and unhealthy. My motivation has always been to be healthy and fit so that I can do anything my heart desires including: spending time with my family during family events, going on adventures with my husband, and enjoying outdoor activities. My purpose for wanting to become a coach is to help people experience their lives in a healthier way without having to limit themselves due to their physical capabilities. I want my clients to feel more refreshed after exercising and more energetic when performing tasks and other activities they enjoy. I also want my client to experience a healthier lifestyle when it comes to eating healthier because when they eat healthier foods, they will feel more energetic. I hope that when someone comes to me for fitness and nutritional advice, they will be amazed at how some changes in their everyday life can impact their physical and mental health.

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